An exploration of the emotional, physical, and spiritual aftereffects of sexual abuse trauma

'you are safe now'

Based on a combination of her own personal experiences and those of many other survivors she has spoken to, the author explores complementary themes. These include losing childhood and reconnecting to the inner child, the loss of faith and the reclamation of faith in oneself, and the journey from powerlessness and voicelessness to self-definition and finding the confidence to speak out. Throughout the book, Jemima tells her own and others’ stories through poems about suffering interspersed with poems about hope and healing, highlighting the nonlinear nature of recovery, and how moments of growth can exist side-by-side with the hauntings of the past. 

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Trigger Warning: Please note that this book contains explicit topics that some might find distressing, harmful, or triggering. Sensitive issues explored include: trauma, PTSD, rape, sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, child abuse, violence, loss, suicide, self-harm, sexism/misogyny. Graphic imagery is also used. Please exercise discretion if you believe these issues may cause you distress.