A personal memoir documenting the grief process, probing into a unique form of loss

‘Grief and Her Narrative’

Jemima first experienced the unfolding of her complex narrative when she began exploring her life with the help of her therapist. Throughout the turmoil that characterised facing up to the truth of painful childhood trauma, Jemima’s therapist was her steadfast anchor, providing safety and support. But when he suddenly had to terminate the sessions after almost two years, Jemima found herself thrown into the depths of unfamiliar, isolating, misunderstood Grief.

In this personal memoir, she continues her narrative without her therapist, letting the Grief process take the reins. Grief and Her Narrative explores a particular form of loss that is not commonly addressed in psychotherapeutic fields or elsewhere, and candidly asks the reader to be involved in asking questions, many of which have no clear answers. Through an exploration of both the common and the unique features of Jemima’s grief, this authentic memoir offers connection to readers seeking to understand their own multifaceted experiences, and invites those in the field of psychotherapy to join this neglected discussion.

What began as a form of therapeutic self-expression and creative rebuilding, expanded into a valuable and sensitively written work which documents grief in all its forms. The book reaches out to anyone experiencing bereavement, hopelessness, uncertainty, trauma, or suffering of any sort, and to those who simply wish to gain insight into a personal journey of recovery.

Grief and Her Narrative paperback is available to purchase on Amazon.

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