Book Review

Broken Boys/ Mending Men by Stephen Grubman-Black

Star rating 5 stars

Date of review: November 1, 2022

This book is an emotional, eye-opening account of the tragedy of sexual abuse. One of the first books I read on this topic some years ago, it is a huge part of my own healing journey. The author lets survivors do the talking through raw, first-person accounts, and so encourages other survivors to tell their stories. It describes the facts, the pain, the shame, and the hope that characterises the reality of childhood sexual abuse and healing from it in adulthood. Whilst this book is specifically written about male sexual abuse, I found that it was relevant to all survivors, and to all individuals who are willing to learn more about this topic. I believe it is a must-read for all mental health professionals working with sexual trauma. This book may be painful to read, but it ultimately offers support and healing.

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